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Managed IT Support

Our IT contracts bring you peace of mind knowing that technical help is never far away. We understand the importance of a reliable system and know that downtime costs money.

TECHNOLOGY IS GREAT WHEN IT WORKS, WHEN IT DOESN’T … we’re here to provide you with a 24/7 helpdesk and remote control support no matter where you are in the world. A Wycom IT Contract is much more than just IT Support – think of it as an extension to your business, a pool of technological expertise you can draw knowledge from to help your business succeed. We will inform you of new technologies as and when they arrive and research new ideas on your behalf. We ensure that the latest security updates, anti-virus and firewalls are updated at regular intervals. We do not believe that it’s enough to sit and wait for you to call us when a problem arises. It’s our policy to help you proactively wherever we can in order to prevent unnecessary downtime. We maintain the highest level of reliability and security across all your workstations and servers We have 3 Support Plans available, all of which can be customized to meet your requirements and business needs. Our structure isn’t rigid with one price, it’s modular so you can add features as and when you require them. It’s been designed with flexibility in mind. If you would like to know how to take advantage of our fully maintained agreements please call or mail for more information. Tel: 0243511361

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Wycom Technology online backup and disaster recovery protect and secure your business critical data in our AU data centres. From simple but powerful online backup to full disaster recovery services, Wycom Technology can help your business continue to function despite unexpected events. Wycom will personally deliver restored data for speed of access if required.  Benefits include:

Our Fast and reliable backup and recovery products allows you to create an exact backup of your system and data at any point in time. After the initial backup, incremental snapshots (as often as every 15 minutes) take just seconds to image. Recover critical data by simply viewing your backup and restoring the files and folders that you need. Use the ShadowProtect Recovery CD for remote or bare metal recovery. Schedule automatic backups provides an easy-to-use scheduler so that point-in-time backups can be taken automatically while you work. Schedule full or incremental backups of your system and data. View backup files for quick file and folder recovery ShadowProtect point-in-time backups can be assigned a drive letter as a read-write or read-only volume. The mounting features of ShadowProtect allow you to restore files and folders or update an existing point-in-time backup. Perform remote or bare metal system recovery The ShadowProtect Recovery Environment CD allows you to perform a bare metal system restore in minutes. The Recovery CD features allow you to remotely recover your system and data without physically visiting the system.


Network security is at the forefront for every business. Everyone wants to ensure their network, and therefore, their data is protected from both internal and external threats. Wycom Technology specialise in network security which is compliant with the highest level of legislation.

We provide a wide variety of different security methods to ensure your network is highly secure and protected at all times. But we also understand that security is only as strong as those practising it, and as such, we can help to ensure that your employees understand the impact of their actions on your network security but assisting you to produce best practice procedures. Firewalls Wycom understands the threats from the internet may be a cause of concern, but we have extensive experience in constructing highly secure network infrastructure. As Sophos partners, we can ensure that we install a firewall from a globally trusted provider which will ensure that security is at its highest level with all network activity monitored and encrypted. Advanced Security For that added level of protection, Wycom Technology is also accustomed to installing systems such to provide enhanced security to your network. We have supported companies ranging from financial institutions to law firms, all of whom have security at the forefront of their mind. Wycom Technology has installed security systems that ensure they comply with the strictest of governmental legislations. Security Procedures Ensuring your infrastructure is secure is only part of the battle. We will also help you write internal security procedures to make sure that everyone within your organisation knows what to do and how to behave. This ranges from ensuring passwords are secure and regularly changed to the company procedures when someone leaves your company.
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